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What we do


Founder Alignment

We know you're busy. We help you understand what your business is worth and commit to 45 days from first conversation to acquisition close.


Platform Intelligence

We leverage our proprietary platform and importantly a human touch to bring your brand to new heights.


Enduring Brand

We're built by founders for founders. You've done the heavy lifting - we're here to help take it further.

For founders by founders

We’re founders who get it. We built Aestuary when we realized that the growing pains and complexities of building a brand weren’t limited to our journeys. It can be overwhelming and we’re here to be your partner.


Our Founding Team


Andy Wang

Andy once had to go to ER for stuffing 2 peanuts up his nose and now obsesses over all things fishing.


Juan Castellanos

Juan is a huge fan of soccer club FC Barcelona, and could easily eat pasta every single day.


Adam Brzeczek

Adam loves experiencing the outdoors and spends his weekends trying to get better at nature photography.

Today, amazing brands are being built for the modern consumer. We believe your brand deserves to be seen and we’re here to help you realize the vision you’ve always dreamed of.


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